If You Do Not Care And Respect Your Woman, Sooner Or Later You’ll End Up Alone

Women are strong, and if they’re not treated with respect, they’ll distance themselves from people who don’t appreciate their growth.


Do not think that just because you have built a life with her, had children with her or married her that she will not leave you?


No matter how painful it may be she will do what is best for herself and if she has a family, for her family too, especially if she can sense that you are not “there.” One of the primary reasons a woman might leave the man she loves is the latter’s mindless absence.


The general but false idea is that women are hard to please, and that’s absolute bull crap. Women take note of the small things, as it is the little things which mean the most.


There’s nothing more soul-crushing than being in a relationship where there’s only one mind present.


When talking with women who have left their partners they all tell a similar story, “He was just not present.”; I am not saying all men are like this but some are, and trust me, women want men that are mindfully there. Men that take the time out of their day to ask simple common questions such as, “How was your day?”. We don’t demand your undivided attention, we ask for small doses. You might say that you are too busy being the “man,” or you have work, but really, no job requires you to work 24/7. If a good woman has chosen you, you’d better treat her like gold.


We humans sometimes unconsciously take the essential things in life for granted. That’s ultimately our greatest downfall.


When in a loving, meaningful relationship both partners are aware of one another and their needs. Each person deserves love.


However, women don’t want a monotonous life filled with loveless sex and boring conversations. They want a best friend, a real-life partner and if a man chooses anything else but his woman, she’ll eventually leave. Being present in the now, with your woman, is possibly the most significant thing you can do for your relationship. You are a team. You need to support each other.


Women want men who listen, pay attention and most importantly are not afraid to hold her when she’s at her most low.


Its those simple acts of kindness that shine put to women.


Treat your woman like a queen, and she’ll treat you like a king. Pay attention to her desires and needs, try every day to go above and beyond for her, and she’ll do the same for you. Care for her and most significantly, love and respect her.

Reference: I Heart Intelligence

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