Hilarious Video of German Shepherd Waking up When Hearing her Favorite Song on the Radio

Dogs like music too! They even have music tastes. According to a study, shelter dogs tend to relax and stay quiet when they are listening to classical music, while they’re not that interested in pop music or radio shows. However, many dogs start barking when they listen to heavy metal!

Music can help dogs that suffer from separation anxiety issues when the owner leaves them with a sitter. It can also help with anxiety caused by outside noises, such as thunder and fireworks.

“Studies show that classical music has a calming effect on most dogs and heavy metal elicits stress-related behaviors,” said Brad Waggoner, a certified professional dog trainer at Cold Nose College in Murphy, North Carolina.

The video below might be the best and funniest dog video we’ve seen in a while.

Annie made a hilarious duet with her dog Lola when “We Are the Champions” by Queen came on the radio.

At first, you can see that Lola is sleeping, but when the song reaches its peak, Lola can’t keep her voice and goes all in!

Thanks to Lola and Annie for this incredible video!

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