6 Reasons Why It’s Impossible To Fool An Empath

An interesting aspect of a highly sensitive empath’s personality is that they can become a kind of living lie detector.

They can discern whether you’re telling the truth through their unique abilities.

An empath can read the emotions of other people and feel what they’re feeling. Because they’re well-attuned to sensing and feeling the overall emotional state of those around them, almost always, they start to develop a deep level of interpersonal intelligence.

This ability can become frustrating sometimes. Often, people around us, even those who we’re closest to, hide their true feelings, intentions, and motives. When that happens, an empath becomes conflicted. They can see what lies beneath the mask.

It’s best, to tell the truth when you are around an empath because, to be honest; they are the best mind detectives around.

Here are 6 reasons why:

1. They Can See It In Your Eyes

An empath sees right through you, so it’s always best to be 100% honest and upfront with them. If you’re hurting, they can see it. If you’re going through a hard time, they understand that too. Empaths can look you in the eyes and inherently know, deep down inside, exactly how you feel.

2. They Know When You Are Insincere

You cannot hide behind a smile, or wear a mask of happiness when you’re genuinely jealous of somebody else. An empath senses insincerity from a mile away. Even if you think you have everybody else fooled, they know otherwise.

3. They Know When You Are Not “Okay”

Even after you have said “I am fine” for the thousandth time, an empath will know that you are anything but fine. All they need is for a little transparency to shine through. If there is anyone you can open up to and trust, it is an empath.

4. They Hear Everything

Even the things you do not say. The way your voice rises, your slight hesitation, the change in your tone – all of those things are picked up and noticed by a true empath. They also know precisely what your silence means when you choose to say nothing at all.

5. They Know When You Are Not Authentic

We all have an authentic and unique identity, yet some people are afraid to let their true selves out into the world. Empaths recognize an inauthentic person, and they see all the beauty in you that you cannot. Allow yourself to be who you indeed are when you are around an empath, and you will not regret it.

6. They Recognize Negative People Instantly

One thing about an empath that is impossible to hide is their ability to spot a negative person. Negative people create and thrive on drama and chaos. An empath will immediately set boundaries and distance themselves from anyone who tries to bring negativity into their space.

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