Don’t be Afraid of Letting Someone go. If it’s Meant to be, They’ll Find Their Way Back to You

When you break up with someone you truly loved, there are no words to describe your emotions. Especially if it was your fault, you keep thinking about all the things you could have done that you didn’t or all those things you shouldn’t have done and you did. You can’t shake the feeling that you two could still be together.

There’s nothing worse than such a breakup. You feel it was unfair and that you deserve a second chance. Especially after a long-term relationship, you end up constantly thinking of the other person. Everything reminds you of them; the clothes they forgot in your apartment, their favorite song, your pictures together, the places you used to visit together, your favorite restaurant.

You keep doing the things your ex used to love doing. Eating their favorite food, drinking their favorite wine, watching their favorite movie. Nothing can be the same but, still, nothing can change as long as you think that there is – and that there should be – hope.

When a significant person is out of your life, you feel like a part of you has left too. You pray that they come back, every single day. You still text them for their birthdays, you still write them love letters. You still have no interest in meeting someone new, because you feel that you have already met the love of your life – and want them back!

The question is, will they ever come back?

Well, that’s something you can’t answer now. But remember, if it’s meant to be, then it will never be over. You’ll eventually be back together, even if it takes years.

You might think they have forgotten and moved on. You might think that the circumstances are not the right for you. Timing is a bitch, and you have to realize it in the hardest way. Your life will begin to progress again, but you’ll never stop thinking and dreaming of the love of your life.

And then, one day, it will happen. Their name will appear on your phone as you had always wanted. You’ll be caught up somewhere between surprise and excitement. And then it will all start again, from the beginning. It will be hard at first, but since you waited for so long, you know that you have to make things right.

And you will make things right. There’s no time left for mistakes, no turning backs, no time to feel remorse again. It will be your second chance, and you have to take what it gets to make it perfect.

Don’t listen to those saying you won’t make it. You’re meant for each other, that’s why you got that opportunity. A breakup isn’t always the end. It’s a chance for us all to become better persons and reconsider everything we’ve done. And when that time comes, everything will be fine…

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