Girl With No Arms Gave An Amazing Performance That Left The Audience Speechless

An incredibly talented girl left the audience and judges in tears on Romania’s Got Talent as she played the piano and sang her heart out winning the golden buzzer!


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Lorelai Mosnegutu, a girl with no arms, is winning the hearts around the entire world with her stunning performance.


When Lorelai was born, her mother left her when she saw that she had no arms. She was adopted by a social worker when she heard about her story. Growing up so different from the rest was difficult for Lorelai. She didn’t speak until she was three years old.


After she accepted her life as it was given, she started doing everything she could learn with her feet. She now uses the laptop, plays the piano with her toes, and even paints!


When she stepped on the scene on Romania’s Got Talent, the judges and the entire crowd felt sorry for her, judging her by her looks.


As soon as she started to sing, the entire audience, including the judges were speechless. Even if this video isn’t in English, you can tell exactly what is happening by seeing their faces.


The moment Lorelai sits in front of her keyboard and opens her mouth, they were all in shock and awe.


The video will give you goosebumps. This young talent is buzzing the entire world with her stunning performance!


Really, what’s our excuse for not doing things after watching this video? I guess the excuses alone.


Thanks to Got Talent Global for this stunning video:


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