5 Smart Ways To Reply To Rude People

Rude people suck, but there is no way to get around it: you are going to run into one now and then. Here are five great ways to deal with rude people.

1. Thank them.

Put on your best smile and say “thank you.” It is a subtle way to acknowledge their rudeness as well as opt out of engaging them on it. It shows you are in control of your emotions.

2. Tell them they are right.

Just because somebody is rude does not make what they have to say incorrect. If somebody rudely points something out, tell them they are right. It usually gives them pause. Rude people expect you to argue, not concede.

3. End the conversation.

There is nothing wrong with ending the conversation with a rude person. You are in charge of who you talk to about what. If you are being disrespected, walk away.

4. Laugh.

Because what is funnier than laughing at a rude person’s face?

5. Tell them you appreciate their perspective.

When someone is rude to you, they don’t expect graciousness, or any positive emotions to come at them. If anything, it will disarm them and make them realize that you appreciate different viewpoints, including theirs.

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