7 Ways to Attract People You Want into Your Life

Admiration is one of the most powerful emotions and creates a strong sense of attraction. We can thus shape our personality to awaken feelings of attraction and admiration in someone else for us. You may have already heard the tips listed below, but it’s never too late to take them seriously and to develop the way you approach someone so they become attracted to and adore you.


Let’s look at seven ways to attract people you want:


Be You

Nothing attracts others more than feeling comfortable with ourselves. To approach someone, acting like someone else will end in failure because our true self will be revealed at a point and the other person will see they’ve been duped. In simple terms, others understand when we show them respect and admire us for what makes us stand out. Don’t be afraid to show who you are, to be spontaneous and authentic.


Be honest

The revealing of the most unpleasant aspects of your life to others shows them you are honest and trustworthy, and these are both factors that attract someone. On the other hand, a dishonest person is selfish, manipulating, and self-centered. Some may disagree with your sincere views, may not show understanding, may criticize you and ignore you. It doesn’t matter how others react to your sincere thoughts, your authenticity will attract the right people, those who love you for what you are and what you stand for.


Have a sense of humor

A tasteful sense of humor is a wonderful charisma that evokes attraction and admiration in others. For women, there is a biological reason for humor being essential in their relationships.


Give to others selflessly

Being selfless in an egocentric world is not easy for everyone. The people who give want to change the world and often feel a sense responsibility that makes them want to do good. Such people earn the respect and admiration of others and become an example to be imitated.


Be open-minded

As we continually evolve as a species, our thoughts, which challenge the conventional standards that society dictates, evolve with us. Issues such as animal testing, global warming, armed conflicts and so on are all being discussed from the new perspective of progressive thinking.


Help others when they need it

Have you ever met someone who only has time for themselves? How does it make you feel? It’s most likely you don’t think much of this person. The willingness to offer help to others is a quality that this world desperately needs today. Problems such as poverty, hunger, and other social issues could be resolved very quickly if most of us decided to devote little of their free time to others when possible. Only 2-3 hours of your time could make a huge difference to society.


Be Humble

It’s beautiful to be humble every time you interact with people in your environment who are experiencing difficulties in areas where you’ve had success. Unfortunately, sometimes, success makes people arrogant, resulting in their egos becoming inflated. Genuine humility makes someone more attractive and authentic, than being brash and authoritarian. Those who quietly and unpretentiously make the world a better place for us earn everyone’s admiration. Humility is an attractive quality because it’s rare nowadays. There will always be those who idealize the immodest and combative qualities of successful people, however, we will reserve our admiration for those who quietly and unpretentiously make the world a better place.

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