5 Different Types Of People We Will Meet In Our Lives

Our journey in life won’t be a smooth ride. There will be ups and downs. Some roads will be hard and difficult and others easier. On this journey we’ll meet different kinds of people, who will play different roles and serve different purposes. Some of them will teach us life lessons while others will do nothing. Some of them are destined to stay with us forever


The ones who help us grow

Some people help us grow as people.  They stand by our side as guides on our journey through life. They may hurt us or invite us to face challenges. They show the way when we’re not sure which path is the right one to follow. They teach us things that we could never learn ourselves. These people push us to mature.


The ones who remind us

Sometimes we meet people who only enter our lives to remind us of our goals. The only reason for these interactions is to help us remain focused in our life goals. These people remind us who we really are and what we really wanted from the beginning.


The ones who are destined to awaken us

There are moments in our lives where we meet people who are change agents. Their presence makes us realize that we can’t move forward in this life unless we make some changes. These people will awaken our inner purpose that would remain asleep if we’d never met them.


The ones who leave us room

Some people don’t play an important role in our lives. We can hardly remember their names. They’re usually the ones we meet in the subway, the street or the cafeteria. They’re usually the ones we have small talk with and no connection beyond that. These people are companions on our journey or even friends of our soul that unconsciously support us!


The ones who are here to stay

There are very few people who will stay with us forever. They are very hard to find but also they are the most precious ones. They are our closest friends and family. Most of them are members of our soul’s team. One of them may be our soulmate. These people are the partners who we share our journey with in life. When the time is right, the universe will send us those who are destined to stay with us forever. These people are a category in themselves. Their presence in our lives makes everything better. We just need to be patient in our effort to find them. But once we find them, they are destined to stay. They come to make our life journey a beautiful one.

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