10 Reasons Why Hug is Beneficial to our Health

Receiving a warm hug fills us up with beautiful sentiments and makes us feel secure, facts that also researches come to prove that a hug has therapeutic properties.


1. Produces oxytocin; while hugging oxytocin is secreted, a hormone that makes us feel happy and fills us with positive energy.

2. Boosts the immune system; while we experience this smooth pressure in the chest and feel emotionally the thymus gland of the brain is activated, white blood cells are being produced and that activity enhances body’s infection control.

3. Reduces stress; decreases the production of cortisol in the body, a hormone that increases tension and pressure under stressful situations.

4. Helps heart to work better; reduces fast heartbeats that are harmful and works as a therapy.

5. Reduces blood pressure; the sense of touch activates pressure cells which send message to the brain that regulates the blood pressure to relax.

6. Eases the pain; it makes muscles relax and increases the blood circulation at the soft tissues.

7. Makes us feel euphoria; Serotonin and dopamine are secreted, neurotransmitters responsible for the transmission of euphoria messages to the brain and regulators of feelings that causes mental disorders.

8. Contributes to the psychomotor development; especially at the early ages of childhood and influences positively the development of the brain.

9. Reduces the feeling of loneliness.

10. Prevents from the feeling of fear.


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