Why is it Important to Love Yourself

One of the most important things in life is to love ourselves.

Have self-esteem, self-acceptance, be the first one to appreciate what you are and what you have. Cherish and respect yourself! Love, acceptance and appreciation for ourselves, are the foundations for our inner peace and tranquility. By doing so, we maintain stability in our interpersonal relationships.

It is absolutely crucial that the image of our self-esteem is built during the early years of our lives. If the child’s basic needs, such as sleep, food, and above all love, tenderness, protection and safety, are met right from the first months, then the foundations for a healthy self-perception are laid.

Later on, the evaluation of the “important others” around us (basically parents and teachers) is of great importance, as well as the experiences from our interpersonal relationships.

Self-esteem and love for ourselves are so important that they will influence the choices and the course that we will follow throughout our lives. As a result we find people with positive self-esteem excelling and living a happy and whole life, in contrast to people that didn’t manage to appreciate themselves, and who are constantly experiencing a feeling of dissatisfaction.

These days, we tend to neglect ourselves and instead offer others satisfaction and fulfil their needs. But let’s just begin with this:  If you don’t come to love yourself and look after it sufficiently, how will you be able to do the same for others honestly and authentically, without holding back because you haven’t met your own priorities?

If we are feeling inadequate, then it is difficult to make others happy (realistically we are incapable of doing so). If we have a low self-esteem then we need a change: we must first look after ourselves as an act of love (before we rush into doing it for others…). This change involves replacing many ideas and perceptions that our family and society has passed on to us. We need to create our own personal journey of who we are, what we want, what we believe in, what we are supposed to be doing and so on.

By making this change we begin to define, love and embrace ourselves, and to accept the positive and primarily the negative aspects that we may have.
We come to love our ideas, values ​​and beliefs and to never neglect them…

Start from now, from today; it is a mental exercise, a self-improvement, a game that boosts the spirit and sharpens the mind! We must learn to forgive, to love and be loved, to respect and be respected, to ask for what we want and to engage with good, happy and positive people.




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