9 Exercises for a Flat Stomach That Only Take 10 Minutes of Your Day (Video)

Every person dreams of toned and flat stomach. But, in order to achieve this, they need to eat properly and exercise on a regular basis. To this end, we present you nine powerful exercises, which will target your abs and tone them. The best thing about these exercises is that they will take only ten minutes of your time.

1. The Roll

This is one of the easiest exercises. You just need to lie down on a mat on your back. Lift your legs straight up to the ceiling and out your hands on the sides. Then, start bringing your legs down towards the floor. However, do not touch the floor. Bring your knees back up, first into the chest, and then straight up again. Do this for thirty seconds and then make a break.

2. Windmills

Do not get up off the mat, as this exercise should also be done on it due to the fact that it is pretty similar to the previous one. Go with your legs to the side. Drop them to one side as near to the floor as you can and try not to touch the floor. Do this movement for thirty seconds, switching the sides.

3. Starfish Crunch

Go on lying on the mat and put your legs and arms apart. Place your arms above your head. Then, touch your left foot with your right arm. Repeat for thirty seconds, alternating the sides.

4. Mountain Climbers

Put your hands on the ground, bringing your body up on your toes. Your spine should be straight from head to toes. In this position, bring your knees into your chest and switch the legs for half a minute.

5. Russian Twist

Sit down on the mat. Make sure your upper body is nearly 45 degrees from the ground. Let your legs on the ground and start twisting your upper body by bringing your hands to the sides. Repeat for thirty seconds.

6. Spiderman Planks

Get down in the position for push-ups. Next, raise one leg to the side and have your knee bent to an angle of ninety degrees. Remain like this for fifteen seconds, and then switch the legs by holding the stomach. Remain in this position for another fifteen seconds.

7. Single Leg Drops

Lie down on your back and put your arm to the sides. When in this position, lift your legs up to the ceiling. Then, start dropping down your legs alternately. While bringing them down, make sure that they do not touch the floor. Repeat these movements for thirty seconds.

8. Double Leg Circles

Still lying down on the mat, put your legs straight in front of you and start making circular movements to the right side for thirty seconds. Then, repeat the exercise, but this time, you should make the circular movements to the left.

9. Flutter Kicks

Lie down on your back and bring your legs up towards the ceiling. Start kicking the air with your legs for an entire minute while you breathe in and breathe out.

If you want to see visually how these exercises are done, watch the video we attached below:

Source Non-Stop Healthy
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