5 Easy Exercises for Six Pack Abs

A strong core is important for stabilizing and helping to reduce back pain. It is also crucial in powerful and explosive workouts, such as deadlifts. The combination of a healthy eating habit and consistent abdominal exercises will allow you to flaunt your developed six pack abs. The following are fundamental and beginner level abdominal exercises to get you started.

Heath Cajandig – flickr.com

1. Plank

Plank is a good and simple core exercise. Position yourself as shown in the image. Support your weight on your toes and forearm. Hold this position and contract yours abs for an extended period of time to reap the benefits.

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2. Side Plank

The side plank is another important static exercise. Prop yourself up  onto your forearm as shown in the image. Try holding this position in a controlled manner. Make sure to do the same exercise on the other side of your body.



3. Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is an awesome exercise because it requires you to train your abdominal muscles and work on your cardio. To begin this exercise, start off in a push-up position. Simply alternate bringing your knees towards your chest to gain the benefits. Several variation of this exercise exists, but use this one as your starting point before attempting the others.

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4. Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is appropriately named the bicycle crunch as it incorporates the pedaling motion.  Start out with both hands behind your head for support and both legs stretched out. Be careful not to pull on the head and cause potential discomfort to your neck. Next, bring one elbow and the opposing leg towards each other, as shown in the image. Once these two body parts touch, situate yourself back to the beginning position and repeat with the other elbow and knee. Continue alternating sides for a complete workout.

5. Tuck Knees Sit Up

This is a fun alternative to the standard sit up. Start by laying on your back with your legs and arms extended. As you start your crunch movement, bend your knees and pull it towards your chest. At the same time, reach towards your feet with your extended arms like the example above.

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