8 Signs You’re Dating A Deep Woman

There’s a curse of being deep rather than shallow, focusing on the bigger picture, rather than blabbering about nonsense and giggling at things you can’t understand. And that curse is ending up alone.



It’s a fact that complexity and intellect are highly prized. However, it seems that many men can’t handle this depth in women.


Here are eight signs you’re dating a deep woman. You’ll also read some tips regarding how to make her like you.


1. She’s honest


While some prize honesty, it appears that there is some selective appreciation of when we have to be honest, and when it’s only about feeding our ego and vanity. However, the direct nature of a deep woman doesn’t like making such distinction. That woman knows that honesty is honesty and should always be there. If you want an honest woman to like you, you need to stop feeling nervous when confronted. Just say the truth!


2. She craves consistency


Inconsistency is the greatest turnoff for a deep woman. She wants a man who does what he says, says what he means and stands by his word. If you cannot be consistent in your actions, you won’t be with a deep woman for long.


3. She’s intense


A deep woman likes to live a passionate life full of thrills and intensity. She’s fully aware of her emotions, and she’s not afraid to lay her thoughts out in the open. However, that is intimidating for some men who don’t feel strong enough to handle a woman’s intensity.


4. She seeks a deep relationship


It’s not only doing the same old things all other relationships are characterized by, and it’s definitely not casual dating a deep woman wants. She will instead look for meaning and complexity in her relationship. She will search for mutual understanding and emotional openness.


5. She’s independent


A deep woman’s unique personality is, first of all, characterized by a strong sense of independence. When she decides to be with a man is because she wants him and not because she needs him. And that’s what many men find intimidating and difficult to handle.


6. She can see through you


It is a deep woman’s passion to discover more about what makes you happy, what your goals are, your insecurities and your hidden desires. Are you comfortable to reveal all those? Are you comfortable to be with someone who can read your mind? If not, then you won’t be able to stay with that woman for long.


7. She asks deep questions


A deep woman doesn’t hesitate to ask you deep questions concerning your life philosophies as well as your ultimate goals. If you feel threatened by such questions or you don’t know how to answer, you’ll find it hard to impress this woman.


8. She loves unconditionally


In the end, with all her depth, that woman loves deeply and intensely. Don’t be surprised! If you’re not ready for this kind of depth, however, she will notice and walk away.

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