One Day You’re Going To Meet Someone And Everything Will Make Sense

All of the sleepless nights, heartbreaks, rejections, unrequited crushes, moments that made you doubt yourself and doubt love and doubt everything in between. It will all dissolve the moment you meet them, the moment they wrap you in their arms and you think, “This. This is what I was waiting for.”

Because you were waiting for them, for that moment, for that feeling.

And when you find them, you’ll just know.

And you’ll know, because everything will make sense.

You won’t be sitting there full of “I don’t know”s and questioning the validity of your feelings. Because your feelings will be unquestionable, and your feelings will be nothing but sure. You won’t be sitting there wondering what love feels like, if butterflies are real, if it’s possible to meet a person and feel your souls saying, “You. I was waiting for you.”

Because those butterflies will be there, you’ll have no other word but “love” to describe it, and your souls will be saying just that.

One day you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense.

The times when you were defeated, when love was ripped away from you, when people couldn’t and didn’t love you back. They won’t even matter. They won’t be a blip on your radar. All of those hard times and bad times and rough times will feel like a distant memory because all you’ll be able to focus on will be them.

This person, who loves you so completely and wonderfully, will be all that matters.

Because they love you the way you deserve, the way you’ve wanted.

And once you’ve found them, you’ll know.

And you’ll know, because everything will make sense.

Instead of looking like battle scars, those heartbreaks will look like stepping stones that led you to them. Instead of being painful reminders, those breakups will look like life lessons that make you a person who they could love. Instead of focusing on your past, you’ll simply be excited for your future.

Because those battle scars will have faded away, those heartbreaks won’t be on your mind, and all you’ll want to look at, to think about, to be with, is them.

One day you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense.

Those love songs you rolled your eyes at will have you singing along, those poetry books will have new meaning, even text messages will make you smile at times you never thought possible because you’ll be in love. You’ll be in love. And you’ll be in a love so pure and so magical that everything you previously found unrelatable will start to look like your life.

Your mind will be at ease, your heart will feel like it’s found home, you’ll finally be able to say you’ve found your person.

Because when you meet that person, everything will be calm. Everything will be good. Everything will feel like it’s been leading up to the moment when you stopped, laid eyes on them, and your life completely changes.

One day you’re going to meet someone, and everything will make sense.

You just have to be willing to wait to meet them.



Source Thought Catalog
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